Mobibus is an innovation-led mobile technology company headquartered in Dubai and a pioneer in the field of mobile application development.

The creator of, the very first online ‘Do-It-Yourself’ app-maker in the Middle-East, and the only Arabic-enabled, multilingual platform of its kind (alongside its Enterprise app development capability). aims is to ‘democratise’ app development for all – whether you are an entrepreneur, start-up, an established SME or a large organization in need of apps for specific activities. empowers absolutely anyone to quickly, easily and cost-effectively create, design and manage their own professionally-looking iOS and Android apps on smart phones and tablets. It offers a wide range of essential, social and specialised features so that they can build their own customized app to meet their specific needs.

Only four easy steps, with no coding skills or advanced technological prowess.

The platform's content management system (CMS) allows you to update your app content online at anytime, and in as many languages as you wish, in a single app. Even the app stores approval process is handled for you so that your app is ready for download from the App Store or Google Play within 2-3 weeks.

With, there's an app for everyone

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