Cary! The world’s first social automotive trading mobile application

414Dubai – 6 November 2013:Dubai to witness the launch of the world’s first social mobile application for buying and selling cars, the application has been revealed today in Dubai, during Dubai International Motor Show 2013, which takes place between 5thand 9thNovember.

This new smart application, called ‘Cary’, provides users with several technologically innovative features such as the geo-location based car listing where user can view used cars on the map in real time technology anywhere in the world, the app enables the users to upload images of their car, and provide information regarding its specifications. Furthermore, the application enablesregistered user to interact freely, communicating with other users to share information about vehicles,and to complete the process of buying and selling to anyone in the world, absolutely free of charge.


In just two easy steps, Cary users can upload images of their carswithdetailsand place them for sale. Similarly, people who are looking for carsare able to reach vehicles displayed for sale easily and conveniently, from anywhere in the world.

The application is in its version 1 available for downloads in Google Play and Apple Store with Version 2 to be launched in January 2014, users can also download the application through Cary website

A firstofitskind app not only regionally but worldwide,Cary also enables users to control their accounts and manage themindependently. Cary users are additionally able to delete, add, change and respond to enquiries and other interactive processes, in a similar fashion to social media platforms.

In accordance with this, a social media sharing option is also available with Cary, which gives the opportunityfor individuals to share their posts andimageson their social media pages, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as by e-mail and other electronic methods of communication.

Furthermore, users of Cary smart app can place multiple cars for sale, fully accompanied with images and specifications. As soon as the car images and information are successfully uploaded, the post will appear directly on the world map, in orderto make it easier for interested buyers to identify itsspecific location. This function also makes it possible for Cary users to keep track of all cars placed for sale in all over the world.

All of this can be achieved direct through the Cary application, which can be download from, and installed on all types of smart devices.
Caryhas been launched in Dubai in order to keep up with the directives of the UAE leadership with regard to the transition to smart government. Anyone can download this smart application viatheir smartphones and tablet devices and use it with absolute ease. This will be considered particularly useful given the increasing prevalence of smartphones in the Middle East, as well as thegrowingreliance of individuals on mobile technology in both their professional and personal lives.

The founders of this project have chosen to launch in Dubai, as they believe that it is the best location in the region for the support of entrepreneurs, particularly with regard to technology and smart applications projects. The keenness of the UAE leadership to assist with the circulation of technology in order for it to improve the populace’s everyday lives has assisted in this characteristic of Dubai.
It is anticipated that this project will be given huge support and backing from investors and venture capitalists in the region, and that they will contribute positively to the development of such projects going forward, as is the case in Europe and the United States. This isespecially important asSMEs represent a large proportion of the business sector in the MENA region, and comprise between 80 and 90% of the total business conducted in most countries.