Cary!, Eureeca’s first mobile app to meet its crowdinvesting goal

Social mobile car application raises over USD100,000

Cary!, the world’s first social UAE-based mobile app to buy and sell cars met its crowdinvesting goal of USD103,400 much ahead of schedule. In achieving its target one month ahead of the proposed deadline has reaffirmed Cary! producers of the viability and market enthusiasm for their product. The crowdinvesting campaign had seen an overwhelming response from investors from day one, where 25 per cent of its funding target was achieved within 48 hours of it going live on the site.

“Everyone involved with Cary! is delighted that the crowdinvesting campaign has reached its target over a month ahead of schedule. This thoroughly vindicates the decision to seek funding via Eureeca, and also amply displays the immense appetite of the public for this unique social-focused cars application. We are actually blown away by how successful the Eureeca campaign has been, and we can’t wait to work on putting it into action globally,” serial entrepreneur and Cary! founder Mohammed Johmani said.

The application’s funding success is already visible in its expansion plans, where an entirely new version of the application is now set to hit the market by mid-June this year, which will be completely social in its networking approach. At the same time, Eureeca provided Cary! with a seed funding platform that will see another round later this year to help it grow even further regionally.

In order to expand their sphere of influence and capitalise on upcoming networking opportunities, Cary! producers will be showcasing the application at the region’s largest tech and digital conference at ArabNet on June 3rd, this year. A new addition to Cary! team as business development driver, Rana Tarakji, has also brought much experience and industry know-how to the venture.

While there already exist several other mobile services in the Middle East that cater to the used car industry, Cary! has differentiated itself from its competition with some key variances. The most notable is that Cary! is the world’s first social mobile app for buying and selling cars rather than a list of classified vehicle adverts. Building on the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Cary! delivers a social car buying platform, which allows users to interact with other buyers and sellers in the market.

At the same time, numerous social media sharing possibilities are available on the Cary! application, which allow users to share posts, images and other information related to their vehicles via social media sites that include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Meanwhile, email and other electronic means of communication are also at the user’s disposal.

“We are fully committed to working in the mobile space with Cary! and anticipate that as the number of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets grow, so will Cary!. We anticipate huge potential for growth in this marketplace globally and in emerging economic areas such as the Middle East in particular,” Mr. Johmani added.