Founder’s Thoughts


This website is the starting point of a new journey, and a continuation for decade of persistency and determination, I am personally writing each and every word in this website, I wanted to craft it myself.  10 years ago we started O2 with a clear vision to establish a homegrown advertising network that will grow globally and compete with global advertising networks such as Publicis and Omnicom. We have almost done it, and we became a true conglomerate with 7 offices one of which was our first global footprint in Hong Kong. 

 In 2011 we had to close down most of these offices for reasons I would rather forget, and we took a complete new painful path of deconsolidating the network by stop growing horizontally (geographically) while we started growing vertically by establishing our first independent agency with an independent brand from O2.  It was obvious to start with a digital agency so we established “Belong Interactive” which was then lucky to have attracted the attention of Pierre Azzam who then became a founder and CEO of Belong, then we launched Next Public Relations independent boutique public relations agency.

In 2012 we started our first mobile venture “Mobibus” the world’s first multilingual mobile app maker in partnership with Pierre Azzam and Hussam Abu Zaalan.  Recently we have incepted our new baby “Cary!” the world’s first social mobile application to sell and buy cars.

I am committed to continue the journey we have started a decade ago, with passion, persistency and commitment towards my team, my partners and my family.

Mohammed Johmani