About us


Johmani Ventures, conceived by the serial entrepreneur, Mohammed Johmani with a clear vision to become a global player in supporting development within the entrepreneurial community. The variety of new ventures incubated under the Johmani umbrella focus on two primary industries: Marketing Communications and Technology, with five companies in both industries.

Johmani Ventures is the result of a decade of persistence and entrepreneurial drive, the journey began in 2005 with the inception of their initial business, O2 Marketing Communications in Dubai. O2 is still considered the mother of all companies under Johmani ventures, and has acted as the initial incubator for all the other businesses. The business is in a stage of rapid growth and will be looking to expand globally over the next few years.

Some wrong paths
will lead you to the right destination
This is the lesson we have learned from our journey, with the launch of Johmani ventures, we believe the journey has just started!